You may recall the start to Mike’s board game journey.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Lisa: How's the board game coming along?
Mike: Great! I've revised the core gameplay.
Panel 2:
Mike: It's like a deck-building game. But instead of cards, you collect these little wooden guys called Creeples.
Panel 3:
Mike talks endlessly about the game play:
whoever acquires the most of these greEn coins by the end of the game wins. Different creeples give you special powers. For instance, the creeple with the plus sign lets you draw another creeple. And the one with the little fire icon means it explodes one of your opponent's creEples. The ones with the creeple icons covered with a plus sign let you take another action. then you can buy the green coins with the yelLow money creePles. now, this is only tuned for four players right now. i’m hoping to get it balanced for a fifth. Adding a fifth doesn’t break the game, but it does make it boring because ...
Panel 4:
Reveal that Lisa and the cats are at the table. Lisa ia building with creeples. Bink is using them as little action figures. Chloe is painting one.
Mike: can just play with the creeples.