Lightsaber physics.
↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Bink (to PooPal): Hey PP. Maybe you can help me. I'm trying to construct a lightsaber. Not some stupid glowing PVC toy. A Real, working lightsaber.
Panel 2:
PP: I'm afraid that the scientific obstacles are currently insurmountable.
Bink: What obstacles??
Panel 3:
PP: For one thing, real laser beams go on forever.
A lightsaber appears in Bink's hand. The beam goes on forever.
Panel 4: PP: I suppose you could build a mirror to make it shorter...
Now there's a mirror attached to the lightsaber.
Panel 5: PP: Then there's the issue of overheating and power.
The lightsaber in Bink's hand now has a flame at the base.
Panel 6:
PP: You'd have to carry around a generator and install a cooling system.
Generator and cooling system. Installed.
Panel 7:
PP: Maybe it CAN be done!
Bink looks annoyed.
Panel 8: Bink walks away. The lightsaber disappears.
PP: Where are you going?
Bink: To get some PVC.