It’s probably been out for a while, but I just discovered this great game Quell. Thanks for telling me about it, Mom! It’s a puzzler for iOS and Android.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Lisa's on the couch with her laptop.
Mike: Hey! You're working on an addon for World of Warcraft again, aren't you? Lisa, that's what got you into trouble with the guild in the first place! I thought we reformed you.
Panel 2:
Lisa: You did! I'm working on a different addon. This one is nice instead of making a hero out of the player dealing the highest damage, it rewards those who help the group in other ways.
Panel 3:
Lisa: See, there are meters for all kinds of things: interrupts, decurses, buffs, heals - it even knows who brings the most raid mats!
Panel 4:
Mike: Wow. So kind of a modern little league vibe. Everyone gets a trophy?
Lisa: Even the hunters.
Chloe: (On Lisa's shoulder) Is there one for "most naps while tanking?"