My friend Dana draws Lead Paint. I find it quite amusing! You might too.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
A note appears on a fishing line outside the window.
Bink: What's this?
Chloe: A note! From Fitzgerald!
Panel 2: They read the note.
Chloe: "I have taken your apology under advisement. You'll restore my friendship once you agree to the following:"
Panel 3: They continue to read it.
Chloe: "1) You continue to pay for my WoW account. 2) You send pansies weekly. 3) You limit your visits with me to one blue cat at a time for a trial period."
Bink: These shouldn't be a problem.
Panel 4: Reveal Fitzgerald in his window above, with the fishing pole.
Fitzgerald: I hope I don't go to Kitty Hell for fishing for suckers.