Here’s the start to the squirrel storyline mentioned in the poem. And here’s the start of the story referred to in the line “profited from you in a game.”

Our friends/WoW guildies/D&D buddies came over this weekend and we got tickets to Gen Con. 😀 We missed it last year. Excited to be going again! Any of you going?

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
A letter slips under the door. Fitzgerald notices it.
Fitzgerald: Hmm, what's this?
Panel 2: Fitz reads the letter. It reads:

Dearest reddest ball of fuzz,
We admit we’ve been quit obtuse.
Can our friendship return to what it was?
But first, the list of our abuse:

We don't call you by your real name,
And we let squirrels take you hostage.
We profited from you in a game,
Then trapped you in suspended bondage.

But! These trials and tribulations
That didn't push you to an early grave,
While causing you some aggravation,
Have made you stronger, made you brave.

Panel 3: Fitz reads the last verse and looks up at the camera. Reveal Chloe and Bink outside the window behind him. The last verse reads:

We hope for that you can forgive
These two blue cats: Chloe, Bink.
We don't know how we'd ever live
Without our Fitzydink.