I finally did space missions in SWTOR this weekend. Wheeeeeee so much fun! I can’t wait to do them every day now. I wonder when that’ll get old…

Minecraft Bink skin coming tomorrow!


↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Mike, Lisa, PooPal, Chloe, and Bink are assembled in the living room, playing WoW on laptops. Except PooPal - he doesn't need a laptop.
Mike: You're doing it, PooPal! You're out-DPSing Lisa!
Lisa: Hmph.
Panel 2:
Mike: Poo, that's your cue. Talk smack.
PooPal: Oh. Oh right. Hey. Lisa. You suck, noob.
Panel 3: The picture on the wall shows the cupcake in the foreground, sadly walking away from the burning dragon castle.
Mike: C'mon! Turn it up a notch!
PooPal: Ok, ok.
Panel 4:
PooPal: Lisa, you're only as good as your rank on the DPS chart. As you can see, you're currently THE WORST PERSON.
Lisa: *Sob* I know!