Hey, some writers you might be familiar with started a SWTOR info site!

Also! You may have noticed that I’ve been writing a few things in the comic posts and have moved it to the front page. I’d really like to tweak something, but I’m having trouble because I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to web development or CSS, and no, my boyfriend John isn’t a web guy like Mike is. :O Dear readers, would any of you happen to know how I can decrease the space between the comic and the social sharing icons up there, like so? The proper CSS class/div/id whatever is eluding me. And yes, I’m using Firebug! Thanks!

EDIT: Thanks everyone! You fixed it for me. You’re the best. I like this whole asking-you-for-code-help thing. I’ll try not to abuse it. 🙂


↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Lisa's outside the apartment.
Lisa: Stupid guild. Kicked me out for the second time!
Panel 2: Lisa's inside now, agains the door.
Lisa: Just because they can't handle how good I am at the game!
Panel 3:
Lisa is in the living room now. Mike, Bink, and Chloe are on the couch looking at her expectantly. PooPal is there on the floor. There's a cupcake picture on the wall behind them. The cupcake is on a horse, in front of a castle.
Panel 4:
Lisa: Is this an intervention?
Mike: It's a humble hoedown.