Continuation from two comics ago.

About a month ago I didn’t know about this Skyrim meme and someone mentioned an arrow to the knee on Google+. I thought they were serious. I had been walking around in the woods in Massachusetts over Thanksgiving and ran into some bow hunters sitting dangerously close to a hiking trail, so I didn’t think it was too outlandish. 😀

Also, Brigwyn wrote an interesting post about the single-player feeling he gets from SWTOR and other MMOs.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: But instead he might go with the first two. And who are we kidding? They're exactly the same.
Patrick: (the first two are highlighted)
1) The story is amazing.
2) I'm so invested in my character.
3) (Torture Lisa with Force Lightning and the revelation that the whole office has abandoned WoW.)
Panel 2:
Lisa: Sounds like SWTOR is a great single player game. Why dn't you just play Skyrim?
Panel 3:
Patrick: I used to play Skyrim. Then I took an arrow -
Lisa: (covering Patrick's mouth) NO.