Merry Christmas! Here are sketches from this comic.

And here are a couple of Christmas comics from years past. Don’t forget – comics will be on their regular schedule into the New Year!

Also! I love the Muppets, so I’m kinda proud that I worked on this Google ad featuring them. It just started airing last night.


↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Bink is putting on a...dress?
Panel 2:
Now he's strapping on a wing.
Panel 3:
Now Bink has two wings on and an angel's halo. He's putting a rope around his waist.
Panel 4:
Bink is the angel topper of the Christmas tree. Lisa looks on. Mr Pink and Chloe are in stockings hung on the wall.
Chloe: He thinks Santa will bring him more presents if he's angelic.
Bink: Shhhh!