Lulu coupon alert: Enter WINTERSAVE305 at checkout to save 30% on the NPC Calendar through the rest of today, Dec 7.

These Lulu coupons I’ve been posting about should work on all Lulu products. Great way to support indie artists of all types, while getting holiday shopping done! For instance, I know that there are calendars available for Evil-Inc and Calamities of Nature, and Pikestaff recently released a book. Lulu has assured me that the discount comes out of their cut, not the artist’s.

Lulu has posted their Holiday shipping deadlines. It takes a few days for them to print the order before they ship it, so if you want to get it before Christmas without paying a lot for super fast shipping, now’s the time to get it. It might even be tight as is.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Bink: So Fitz, we just need you to sit here and pick herbs in World of Warcraft.
Fitzgerald: Why?
Chloe is in the background with a sack of something.
Panel 2:
Bink: We can turn the herbs into gold! Which we then sell in game for real money!
Fitz: Money...what do I need that for again?
Panel 3:
Bink: Oh, heh, you don't. We take the money. But um... We'll give you...uh...
Chloe is doing something with something in the background.
Panel 4:
Chloe: This lovely portrait of yourself, hand-sculpted from wet litter! (presents the sculpture.)
Fitz: Oooh...