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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Lisa and Mike are on the couch. Lisa is playing on her laptop.
Lisa: Switch to Project Runway.
Mike: WHAT!?! How could you rather watch that than Game of Thrones?!
Panel 2:
Lisa: I have to do a dungeon with the guild now. Game of Thrones deserves more attention than I can give it.
Panel 3:
Mike: Oh. Ok. So you actually like Game of Thrones more than Project Runway.
Lisa: Yep.
Panel 4: Lisa and Mike sit on the couch. Lisa plays and Mike watches tv.
Tim Gunn from the tv: Make it work!
Panel 5:
Lisa: Dungeon fell through. Switch back to Game of Thrones while I herb. We can watch The Office later while I level an alt.
Mike: GAH!