I kept thinking Rescuer is not a word. It sounds weird. Rescuer. Rescuer. But then I remembered Rescuers Down Under and proceeded to finish the strip.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Chloe (pointing up): Fitz must be in that tree the squirrel ran up!
Panel 2: The cats are climbing the tree.
Bink: Wow, look at us! Humble rescuers to those in need.
Panel 3: Chloe and Bink reach the tree hole and start to climb in. Chloe notices some red fur in the foreground.
Bink (oblivious): Crowds will cheer! Squirrels will cower! Tasty chicken hearts will be thrown at our feet!
Panel 4: They're both in the tree hole now.
Bink: They'll write our names in the sky!
Chloe (holding the red fur, forlorn): "Chloe and Bink: Saviors of tufts of fur everywhere."