↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The cats are outside the apartment window, on PooPal. Night. Lisa is inside, talking to them.
Lisa: The litter box flies now?
Chloe: Lisa, you gotta help us find Fitzgerald!
Panel 2:
Lisa: No can do. I'm raiding.
Bink: But demon squirrels could be assaulting him as we speak!
Panel 3:
Lisa: Well Ragnaros is assaulting the guild! I can't abandon them!
Look, I'm sure Fitzgerald can handle himself. He's a grown cat.
Panel 4:
Bink: You know Mr. Porter? Our 94-year-old walker-bound mailman?
Lisa: Uh huh...
Bink: Sends Fitz into convulsions of terror for days.
Panel 5: They're outside, searching.
Lisa: The guild is gonna hate me.
Chloe: Fitzgerald!?!
Bink: It's SO hard to replace a rogue!