↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Chloe: Bink! We've been invaded!
Bink: Defend the turkey tendons!
Panel 2: The cats are peering from behind, uh, something purple.
Chloe: Who are they?
Bink: Dunno. I'm gonna do a sniff test.
Panel 3: Bink is crouched, ready to sniff.
Chloe (from off-panel): Careful! It could be a trap!
Panel 4: Lisa and Mike are on the couch. Lisa is eating something, and Mike appears to have an Xbox controller in his hands. They're wearing clothes we haven't seen on them before. Chloe peers at them cautiously.
Bink: (pointing down at Lisa and Mike, from behind them on the couch) All clear! It's Lisa and Mike!
Lisa (annoyed): New clothes can't be worth this.