↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Mike and Lisa are in bed. Mike is working on a notebook and his light is on. Lisa's eyes are closed and her side of the bed is dark.
Lisa: (to herself) I hope the guild didn't mind that my DPS wasn't as high as usual tonight...
Panel 2: Close up on Lisa.
Lisa: (to herself) I wish I could fall asleep and not worry so much.
Panel 3: Closer on Lisa.
Lisa: (to herself) I'll do better DPS tomorrow.... (her thought turns to a picture of a dagger.
Panel 4: Lisa dreams of a dagger cutting into a cupcake as other cupcakes run for their lives.
Panel 5: Mike turns out the light. -Click-
Mike: (loudly) Good night!
Lisa opens her eyes and her dream pops.
Panel 6: Mike snores loudly. Lisa is wide awake and glares at him.