↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Mike: No WoW tonight! Instead we play...Carcassonne!
Bink: Gah! A board game!
Chloe: Noooo!
Panel 2:
Mike: I knitted french peasant costumes for you!
Chloe and Bink: Ooooooh
Panel 3:
Mike: And there are meeples!
Chloe and Bink: Ooooooh
Panel 4: Mike and Lisa and the cats are sitting around a table, getting ready to play the game.
Mike: See? More fun than WoW!
Chloe: (with a tower of meeples in front of her) Meeple Steeple!
Bink: (resentful at Chloe) Hey you have more meeples than me.
Both Chloe and Bink are wearing their French peasant outfits.