↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Chloe: Bink! What are you doing in Catbot23?!?
Bink: (in PooPal/Catbot23) Don't worry, Chloe. PooPal is all fixed up! I'm just using his services!
Panel 2:
Chloe: His name is Catbot23! Get out of him! We've pooed in or friend enough.
Bink: (indignant) It's just number one.
Panel 3:
PooPal/Catbot23: It's ok, Chloe! I want to be of use!
Chloe: Catbot23, you shouldn't have to degrade yourself like this.
Bink: Oops, not number one anymore.
Panel 4:
Close up of PooPal/Catbot23.
PooPal/Catbot23: I'm Catbot23 no longer. I may never be a real cat, but I think I've finally found my purpose. Please, Chloe. Call me PooPal.
Panel 5:
Chloe: Well I do kinda have to relieve myself...
PooPal: That's the spirit!
Bink: Poo Party in PooPal!