↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Chloe: Catbot23! I don't understand! Why are you masquerading as a PooPal litter box? Where do you come from?
Catbot23/PooPal: Chloe.. Don't be mad. Let me start at the beginning.
Panel 2: Flashback! We see a computer hooked up to a cat's head.
Catbot23/PooPal: I was developed at MIT during experiments with artificial feline intelligence. I was the 23rd and most successful iteration.
Panel 3: Still flashback: We see a computer screen with Oh Hai Dingleberries.com. Is that a picture of Bink???
Catbot23/PooPal: I was just a lonely piece of software. I reached out to real cats through Twitter and LoLCat sites.
Panel 4: Not a flashback!
Catbot23/PooPal: I was quite successful at navigating the caternets, but these connections only revealed my shortcomings. Alas, I'll never be a real cat.
Panel 5: Flashback again! A lab tech working on a PooPal litter robot.
Catbot23/PooPal: A tech brought in his self-cleaning litter robot to the lab to tinker with it. He left it over the weekend. The long, lonely weekend.
Panel 6: Flashback to PooPal on Chloe's step.
Catbot23/PooPal: That was my chance! I printed out a note, uploaded myself into the apparatus, and delivered myself to you, Chloe. My friend.
Panel 7: Not a flashback
Chloe: (distressed) I pooed in my friend!
Bink: There was no closed beta after all!