↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Chloe is trying to rouse Bink from a nap.
Chloe: Bink! Wake up!
Panel 2: Bink sits up suddenly, wide-eyed.
Bink: Deathgrip! Plague Strike! Icy Touch!
Chloe: Snap out of it! We have a situation.
Panel 3:
Bink: (snapped out of it) Who wha huh?
Chloe: A self-cleaning litter robot called PooPal is on our doorstep, making absurd noises and disturbing my naptime!
Panel 4:
Bink: (heroic) Never fear, Chloe! I'll handle this.
Chloe: The note said something about A.I. and a closed beta...
Panel 5: Bink remains in hero pose, but looks back at Chloe.
Panel 6:
Bink: We...We're invited to a closed beta test of experimental artificial intelligence?
Chloe: Looks that way.
Panel 7:
Bink: (tears in his eyes) Chloe, I'v been waiting all my life to be invited to a closed beta.
Panel 8:
Bink: (his hand on Chloe's shoulder) We must welcome PooPal into our lives. And we must poo in him.