↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Chloe is napping contentedly on the couch.
Panel 2: Chloe opens an eye as she hears a WHRRRRR sound.
Panel 3: Chloe walks down the hallway, rubbing her eye. The Whhrrrr sound continues.
Chloe: This better be good. -yawn-
Panel 4: Chloe turns the doorknob open. She has to hang from it to open it because she's too short to reach it.
Panel 5: We see an odd robot outside the door. WHHHRRR!
Panel 6: Chloe examines the attached note. "Congratulations! You've been selected to receive a free PooPalâ„¢! This revolutionary self-cleaning litter box has experimental new A.I. and is still in closed beta. Enjoy!"
Panel 7: Chloe looks at the PooPal, dumbfounded.
Panel 8: Chloe slams the door closed. WHRR?