Jorge over on the NPC Facebook page AND my mom have sent me links about these Cat iPad games that Friskies made. I’m thinking Chloe and Bink would snub their noses at them…before they got hopelessly addicted.
Disclosure: I don’t feed my cats Friskies.
Prediction: There will be Friskies google ads on the site today at some point.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Lisa: (to head wifi hobo) You're...wifi hobos? Why?
Panel 2:
Hobo 1: I spent all my money on an ipad and can't afford a wireless router.
Hobo 2: A mutant hamster chews on the internet cables running into my apartment nightly.
Hobo 3: I'm not allowed on the internet while my boyfriend podcasts through skype.
Panel 3:
Lisa: So why are you dressed in rags?
Hobo 1: So people don't look us in the eye.
Hobo 2: We hate eye contact.