Remember Purple girl? That story line started here and she first appears here.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Lisa outside in the dark.
Lisa: (to herself) The raid is starting at 9pm. I need to find reliable internet soon.
Panel 2: Lisa is outside a bar, looking in at Purple Girl.
Lisa: (to herself) The bar has wifi...But I can't face purple girl again!
Panel 3: Lisa looks around.
Lisa: (to herself) Everything else is closing. Can't afford a hotel room.
Panel 4: Lisa is sitting down on the sidewalk, laptop opened. She sighs.
Panel 5: Lisa's laptop bleeps.
Panel 6:
Lisa: *Gasp* I'm picking up wifi from this random apartment!
Panel 7: Wide shot of Lisa sitting on the empty dark sidwalk, using her laptop happily, presumably raiding.