I posted a sketch from this on Varnacular.com yesterday. The star on her shirt got lost in the inking. 😀 I’ll post a Sketch Sneak Peak on the site tomorrow for the next two comics!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Lisa is on the floor, playing NES. Her hair is permed and she's wearing a purple headband, purple legwarmers, and pink hoop earrings. There's a Cyndi Lauper poster on the wall behind her.
Mike: What are you doing?
Lisa: Trying to get into the pre-internet cultural mindset.
Panel 2:
Mike: The eighties?
Lisa: When we were kids, before the internet got huge, people played NES and listened to Rick Springfield. They seemed happy enough. Maybe I can learn from them.
Panel 3: Mike stares at Lisa.
Panel 4:
Mike: You look like a Brooklyn hipster in those legwarmers.
Chloe snaps a polaroid picture of Lisa.
Lisa: (sticking her tongue out) At least you can't post a picture on Facebook.