Panel 1: Bink and Chloe in the hacker van. Chloe is in the bg in nap pose while Bink is in the foreground, striking a victorious pose.
Bink: Nerd-chic hackery prevails! Oh Hai Dingleberries dot com is down!
Panel 2: Medium on Bink.
Bink: (looking at his hoodie) I had no idea it was so easy to take down a site. This hoodie really paid off!
Panel 3: CU Bink
Bink: Oh Hai Dingleberries dot com will no longer embarrass our noble species with lolcat antics! VICTORY DANCE!!!
Panel 4: Chloe in foreground. Bink in background doing a silly victory dance.
Chloe: (motioning back to Bink aka Whisker Myst) Whisker Myst: Champion of feline dignity.