Panel 1: Bink and Chloe in the hacker van.
Bink: (at his laptop, dejected) I can’t hack in! I’m no match for this Catbot23. I’m pathetic.
Chloe peers at him from behind.
Panel 2: Chloe is tweeting.
Chloe: @Catbot23 Oh Hai
Catbot23: @Chloebink Hai
Panel 3:
Chloe: @Catbot23 Lol disable ur firewall k? Thx
Catbot23: @Chloebink Lol ok i disable mai firewall
Panel 4: Bink at laptop. The laptop beeps and he notices.
Panel 5:
Bink: (at laptop, cheering) The firewall is down! I’m a genius!
Chloe is peering from behind.