Hi guys! I know we all like our avatars in the comments, but I’ve turned them off in an effort to improve load time for the site. I’ve noticed the site hanging for several seconds while it loads the gravatars. 🙁
Also! Need some reminding about Catbot23?

Panel 1: Bink and Chloe in the hacker van.
Bink: Oh Hai Dingeleberries-dot-com is going down!
Panel 2: CU of Denial of Service Attacks 101 book
Panel 3: CU of Bink sweating
Panel 4: CU of Bink typing
Panel 5:
Bink: I can’t get through their firewall! Augh. Why did I think I could do this? I’m such a hack.
Panel 6: CU Chloe, who is wide-eyed.
Bink: (from off screen, er, panel) I found out the admin’s name though. It sounds familiar…Catbot23.