Panel 1: Lisa is in the apartment. The cats appear to be in the background, in a kitty bed.
Lisa: I’m home! Hi Kitties!
Panel 2: Lisa approaches Mike, who’s sitting on the couch.
Lisa (gesturing to outside): Did you see that weird white van out front? Kinda creepy.
Panel 3:
Mike (standing up now, mocking Lisa): What, you think there are geeked-out hackers in there, watching and listening to us through hidden cameras and mics?
Panel 4:
Mike (trying to reassure Lisa, his hands on her shoulders): Don’t be paranoid, sweet pea. That stuff’s just in the movies.
Panel 5: The cats in the hacker van.
Bink (in his purple hacker hoodie, at a laptop): Ok, Green Grrl’s in the house. Decoys were successful.