“Panel 1: Exterior of a big white van on parked on the street.
Chloe (from in van): Bink, isn’t all this hacking equipment a little…excessive?
Panel 2: Interior of the van
Bink (at a laptop): Only as excessive as the grievous exploitations by Lolcat sites and cat videos!
Chloe: Aren’t vans for surveillance more than hacking?
Panel 3: CU Bink looking back at Chloe
Bink: Look Chloe, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing all the way. No expense spared!
Panel 4:
Chloe (looking around at the equipment): Speaking of expense…
Bink (looking at laptop but pointing back with his thumb): I maxxed our credit card. There’s a laptop in the corner for you to farm more gold on our WoW account.”