Panel 1: The Pho place. Jenny is noticing the waiter, who arrived with their pho bowls. Kendra is looking at her iPad, and Patrick is looking at Kendra.
Lisa: So guys, rogues are gonna be able to run at full speed in stealth in the 4.1 patch! In fact, we can run even faster if we talent for it!
Panel 2: Jenny looking at waiter serving her pho.
Jenny: Mmm…
Panel 3:
Patrick: Nice iPad Kendra! Does it have an app that tells you how beautiful you are?
Kendra: Huh?
Panel 4:
Lisa: You guys…are still playing WoW, right?
Panel 5: All 4 of them look at Lisa.
Panel 6: CU Lisa looking worried
Panel 7:
Waiter: I play WoW.
Jenny: Ooh, me too! What server?
Kendra: I still log on.
Patrick (to Kendra): Do you need any gold? I can give you some gold!
Lisa: Whew.