Panel 1: Chloe is holding an iPad and tweeting.
Chloe (tweet): @catbot23 Thanks for the iPad2!
Catbot23 (tweet): @chloebink ur welcome. want moar?
Chloe: @catbot23 Nah. Do you play World of Warcraft?
Panel 2:
Catbot23: @chloebink u can haz gold!
Chloe: @catbot23 No thanks! We have our own gold biz. Keep that on the DL tho.
Catbot23: @chloebink u can haz business classes!
Chloe: @catbot23 We play a Death Knight. You could play with us sometime.
Panel 3:
Catbot23: @chloebink u can haz runes!
Chloe: @catbot23 No U can.
Catbot23: I can?
Chloe: Yeah U can. U can haz runes. U can haz death knight.
Catbot23: @chloebink I can haz runes. I can haz Death Knight.
Panel 4
Bink (in bg looking at the laptop, thinking to self): Lolspeak is dumbing down our noble species!
Chloe (thinking to self with iPad): Huh, lolspeak is a sophisticated bot programming language!