Panel 1:
Bink (dejected): Sigh…this isn’t working as I hoped it would, Chloe. I thought that surely we’d have over a million Twitter followers by now.
Chloe (looking at smart phone): Do you think @catbot23 is a spammer or a real cat robot?
Panel 2:
Bink: I’m starting to think that cats don’t use the internet.
Chloe (tweeting): @catbot23 Hi, are you a real cat robot?
Panel 3: CU Bink
Bink: But what about all the cats ON the internet? Like keyboard cat and lolcats and those stupid cats who fall off kitchen counters!
Panel 4:
Bink: That’s it! Cat’s aren’t using the internet because they’re so turned off by all the negative role models plastered all over it!
Chloe: He says “”u can haz ipad!””