I didn’t check those twitter accounts to see if they exist. This one does though.

Oh yeah! I went to Pax East last weekend and it was fun. I’ll post my observations tomorrow. Paxervations.

Panel 1:
Bink (in foreground, determined): Ok, Chloe. First things first. We must perfect the art of the tweet.
Chloe (flapping her arms and running around. Crazy cat.): Tweet tweet!
Panel 2: Chloe stops running but continues to flap her arms. Well cats don’t have arms, but you know what I mean. Her front legs.
Bink: Power tweeters know their audience. We want more kitty followers, so we should tweet about feline concerns and use relevant hashtags.
Panel 3: CU Bink
Bink (tweeting on a smart phone.): For instance, I’ll tweet the following: Don’t you hate it when litter sticks to your butt? #cats #litter #butts
Panel 4:
Bink: It worked! We already have three more followers!
Chloe: Why helloooo @stripperkitty49, @mailorderlitter, and @bigbutts254!