Doing this comic is the only thing that has sorta helped me keep the three straight. Oh, and don’t worry – the Fitzgerald story is back on Wednesday!

“Panel 1: Mike approaches Lisa, who is using her laptop on the couch. A crooked picture of a sword-wielding cupcake is on the wall behind her.
Mike: Wanna see the Green Hornet tonight?
Panel 2:
Lisa: Ooh, that blonde Adonis from Smallville got his own movie?
Mike: No, that’s the Green Arrow…
Panel 3:
Lisa: Oh oh, you mean the carefully sculpted hunk of man beef from that Sandra Bullock movie!
Mike: No, that’s the Green Lantern. It’ll be out this summer.
Panel 4:
Lisa: Oh. So who’s in this?
Mike: Seth Rogen.
Panel 5:
Lisa: Ok, he’s funny and cute. Let’s go!
Mike: He’s skinny now too!”