There is actually a really adorable little girl living above us, and she used to be a little loud. I couldn’t believe how much energy was contained in this tiny angel. She’s not that loud now – or maybe we’re just used to it and we don’t notice so much. 🙂

“Panel 1: Lisa is in the hall outside her apartment door, about to go in. A little red-haired girl stands on the stairs with her red-haired mom.
Girl: HI HI!
Panel 2:
Lisa: Hi hi to you too, cutie!
Panel 3:
Lisa: Oh, she’s so adorable! Such a little angel!
Mom (scooping up girl): Thanks, you have a good night!
Girl (upside down in her mom’s arms): BYE BYE!
Panel 4: Lisa’s in her apartment now, glaring up at her ceiling, which is thumping from the girl running around in the apartment above.”