Today’s comic title is not to be confused with WoW or Party. But both are conundrums! Also, I got bored while writing the transcript for this one so it has a tiny bit more flavor than usual.

“Panel 1: Lisa and Mike are on the couch. Mike has a laptop and Lisa has an orage tea mug. That’s right, tea. Not coffee. Tea!
Lisa: How was work today?
Mike: Frustrating. The client keeps changing his mind. I have to rebuild the whole website from scratch.
Panel 2: A different angle, woohoo!
Lisa: That sucks. Wanna run some dungeons?
Mike: Can’t. Gotta work.
Lisa: But I don’t like to run dungeons without you. I don’t trust other healers.
Mike: Then don’t run dungeons.
Panel 3: Still on the couch, surprise! Mike is engrossed in his work.
Lisa (singing): Jingle bells, Batman smells…
Panel 4: Lisa is leaning over to look at Mike’s laptop. Mike sees her. He doesn’t seem happy.
Panel 5:
Lisa: What does “”position: absolute !important;”” mean?
Mike (fed up): Fine, ONE dungeon!”