I’ve had this one in my head for a while but procrastinated doing it. And no wonder, because it took me a while!

“Panel 1: Lisa is on the subway, reading a colorful manga-looking book. People stand around her, reading less colorful books.
Panel 2: Lisa glances over and sees someone reading Anna Karenina.
Panel 3: Lisa glances the other way to see someone reading something by Jonathan Franzen.
Panel 3: Close up of The Great Gatsby
Panel 4: Close up of Animal Farm.
Panel 5: Close up of Lisa looking at her own very colorful book. Is that….a very colorful version of Yotsuba?
Panel 6: Wide shot again of Lisa in subway, but this time she’s a little girl with her comic book. Everyone else is in black and white.
Panel 7: A cute stylish woman gets on the train.
Panel 8: The woman starts pulling a book out of her bag. Cutaway panel to Lisa noticing.
Panel 7: The woman gets out Azu Manga Daioh, a popular Japanese manga.
Panel 8: Close up of Lisa’s eyes, wide.
Panel 9: Wide shot again of Lisa reading, but she’s back to her adult self, confidently reading her colorful manga along side the stylish manga-reading woman.”