Panel 1: Lisa is still getting her hair cut.
Lisa (to herself, the stylist behind her, cutting away.): I wish I knew how much this would cost so I could calculate the tip. But it would be awkward to ask him now.
Panel 2: The stylist adjusts her head.
Lisa (to herself): Let’s see, it it’s $20, tip is $4. $25, tip is $5. $30, tip is $6. $35, tip is $7…
Panel 3: At the cash register.
Stylist: The total is $23.46.
Panel 4:
Stylist: Miss?
Lisa: Are you just going to stand there while I calculate your tip in front of you?
Panel 5:
Stylist: Oh sorry, take your time!
Lisa (grabbing the stylist by the shirt and yelling): Just tell me what to do!