Panel 1: Lisa is in front of her laptop.
Lisa: I can’t watch!
Kendra (in yellow-from-computer voice): Jenny??
Jenny (in pink-from-computer voice): Kendra??
Panel 2: Lisa is ducking little behind her desk.
Jenny (pink computer voice): You’re the B*$! who stole my Bill Bear!
Kendra (yellow computer voice): I didn’t know he was going out with you! I broke up with him as soon as I found out!
Panel 3: Lisa has ducked further down. We can’t see her face now.
Jenny (from computer): You did?
Kendra (from computer): Yep. Over text.
Jenny (from computer): Ooh, cold.
Panel 4: Lisa pops up a little since there’s a pause in the dialogue.
Panel 5: Lisa pops up more, in surprise from what she’s hearing.
Jenny (from computer): Wanna run some dungeons?