Panel 1: Lisa and Kendra at the office kitchen.
Kendra (pouring herself some tea): Hi Lisa! When’s the next D&D session?
Lisa: Oh hi! Um…
Panel 2: Close up of Lisa
Lisa: Um um um um um um um um
Panel 3:
Lisa: Here’s the thing….you know your date? The guy who picked you up last time?
Kendra: Yeah, that’s Bill. We’ve been dating for a month.
Panel 4:
Lisa: He’s Jenny’s ex. And he only dumped her a few days ago.
Panel 5: Kendra looks down at her tea.
Panel 6:
Kendra: Jenny…the orc?
Lisa: Half-orc.
Panel 7: Kendra takes a swig of the tea.
Panel 8:
Kendra: I need something stiffer.
Lisa (handing Kendra another tea bag): Let’s upgrade that green tea to a chai.
Kendra: Bring it.