Panel 1: All the players are sitting around the table.
Mike: Ok adventurers. You want to turn your cowardly tails back to the inn? Fine. You’re now back at the inn.
Panel 2:
Patrick: I buy a pint for the dwarf lady!
Kendra: I guzzle the pint!
Jenny: I check the joint for hot orc dudes.
Lisa: I pick-pocket everyone!
Panel 3:
Mike: All right, I need a charisma check from you two, a perception check from you, and a stealth check from you.
Panel 4: They roll.
Mike: You all fail!
Panel 5:
Jenny: Well this is dumb.
Mike: The inn catches fire! You must evacuate or perish!
Lisa (standing now): Snacks are gone! D&D is over!
The cats are napping in the foreground.