Panel 1: Chloe approaches Mike, still dressed as Dungeon Master.
Chloe: Mike, come quick! The Dungeon Master Sociery requires your presence at an emergency online meeting!
Mike: I’ll come at once!
Panel 2: Mike and Chloe exit. His bald cap/wig is left behind in the rush. Bink peers out from behind the couch.
Panel 3: Close on Bink
Bink (now wearing the Dungeon Master wig-cap): A tribe of noble felines confronts you! Their beauty and intelligence are powerful. You feel the sudden urge to drop your quest and become their loyal servants.
Panel 4: Mike is back, looking down at Bink.
Mike: Apparentely the “”Dungeon Master Society”” is a fetish group?
Bink: Oops.