Panel 1: Chloe and Bink. There’s a dice bag and a container of what might be chicken hearts on the floor.
Chloe (pointing to the die Bink is holding.): D&D dice are so beautiful! That one must have a hundred sides!
Panel 2: Bink looks slyly at camera.
Panel 3:
Bink: Why yes, Chloe, it DOES have a hundred sides. Let’s play a dice game with it! whoever gets closer to the roll wins the fresh batch of chicken hearts.
Panel 4: Bink rolls.
Chloe: 73!
Bink: 10!
Panel 5:
Bink: I win.
Panel 6: Bink is in the background gorging on chicken hearts. Chloe is examining the die.
Chloe: Hey this only has twenty sides…
Panel 7: Chloe looks slyly at camera
Panel 8: Chloe is now chomping on the chicken hearts while Bink’s head is covered with the dice bag.