Panel 1: Mike is pointing his finger in Patrick’s face.
Mike: YOU! There will be no chaotic neutral characters in my game. Realign yourself.
Patrick: But I –
Panel 2: Mike pointing at Jenny
Mike: YOU! Dungeons and Dragons is not a dating service.
Jenny: But she –
Panel 3: Mike is pointing at Lisa
Mike: YOU! This is supposed to teach you to put aside your competetive epeen crap. Be a team player!
Lisa: But you –
Panel 4: Mike is approaching Kendra
Mike: YOU! No advanced i-Technology. Pen, paper, and real dice, ONLY!
Kendra (holding what appears to be an iPad): But I –
Panel 5: Mike is pointing at the cats.
Mike: AND YOU!
Panel 6: The cats look adorable.
Panel 7:
Chloe: Yes?
Panel 8:
Mike (now his back is to the cats, arms crossed.): Stop looking so adorable.
Bink: You’re not the dungeon master of me.