Panel 1:
Lisa (to Jenny, who is still sewing a bear): The thing is, Jenny, I just want my guild to like me. I never wanted them to think I’m a jerk!
Panel 2:
Jenny: How is bragging going to get them to like you?
Lisa: Well, I just figured if I constantly remind them why they should like me, they will! Right?
Panel 3: Jenny grabs a cupcake from the end table.
Panel 4:
Jenny (holding the cupcake): See this cupcake?
Lisa: Uh huh.
Panel 5:
Jenny (stuffing the cupcake in Lisa’s mouth): It’s the yummiest cupcake in the world! Here, let me shove this most delicious cupcake down your throat all at once!
Panel 6:
Jenny (licking her fingers): See how that works?
Lisa (making a yuck face): Ex, that cupcake bragged all over me.