Panel 1: Lisa and Mike. Mike is holding celery.
Lisa: You knew the guild was kicking me? Why didn’t you stop them? I was topping damage meters on every raid!
Panel 2:
Mike: Dammit Lisa, I know you were. That’s the problem. You’re so competitive that you never let anyone forget that you’re on top!
Panel 3: There’s a video screen overlay
Lisa: But Mike, that’s the point of progression raiding! Being the best! Don’t you want me to succeed?
Mike: Not at the cost of you becoming an elitist jerk.
Panel 4: Chloe and Bink. Bink is holding a camera up.
Bink: This is gonna be great for my new series “”The Young and the Guildless.””
Chloe (yawning): Con’t you mean the “”Old and the Pointless?””