Panel 1: Lisa sits at her desk, arms crossed. A series of No no no no no’s behind her. Chloe is in the foreground, holding a sign that reads: “”Stage 1: Denial””
Panel 2: Lisa is now yelling at the computer, enraged. Chloe’s sign now reads “”Stage 2: Anger.””
Lisa: I don’t need you low life dweebs anyway! You’re nothing but a bunch of noobs who can’t recognize wisdom and experience if it punched you in the eyeballs!
Panel 3: Lisa is now crying. *Sob* Chloe’s sign reads “”Stage 3: Grief.””
Panel 4: Lisa is sitting back in her chair, staring up. Bink appears on the desk. Chloe’s sign reads “”Stage 4: Acceptance.””
Bink: Psst! This is where you’re supposed to accept that your guild kicked you!
Lisa: Blargh.