Panel 1: The cats are seated, looking at a new holo-pet, a yellow bird with a hole in its torso. Lisa is annoyed.
Lisa: Guys, come on. Turn it off. These holo-pets are terrified. They’re NPCs in a defunct MMO, and bringing them into this world makes them depressed and insane!
Panel 2: The bird confronts Lisa.
Bird: Don’t send me back there, lady! They stuck me in a stupid huning mini-game! I’d rather be a disembodied hologram than a bullet-hole riddled target for some MMO-playing yahoos!
Panel 3: Close up on Bink
Bink: What makes you think you’ll be better off here, huh drumsticks?
Panel 4: Bink swipes at the bird, and of course his paw goes right through the holographic image.
Bird: Can’t touch this.
Chloe (to camera, gesturing at Bink): MMO-Playing Yahoo.