Panel 1: Patrick , Kendra, and Emo Guy are all smitten with their holopets. The holopets are a blue elephant, a pink pig, and a green bunny. They look sad. Lisa looks on.
Kendra: Hi Lisa! Have you heard about the new holopets?
Patrick: They’re so cute!
Emo Guy: And collectable!
Panel 2: Lisa looks on as the pets go crazier. The elephant has his face buried in his, um, hands, the pig is sobbing, and the bunny is making a trigger hand gesture at his own head.
Panel 3: Now the elephant is sitting on his ears, looking hopeless. The pig is soobing on the floor now, and the bunny is chewing on his own ears. Kendra, Patrick, and Emo guy are still looking smitten. Lisa is horrified.
Lisa: Is the bunny….chewing his ears off?
Kendra (defensively): It’s an exclusive trait!