Panel 1:
Bink: So how does this pet projector thing work?
Lisa: First I attach it to my belt.
Panel 2: Lisa’s holding thre cards out. One has an otter pup on it. Another depicts a giraffe with wings. The other one shows an Emergency Medical Hologram.
Lisa (off screen): Then I insert one of these pet cards that came with the device.
Panel 3: Wide shot of Lisa and the cats. Cupcake picture on the wall. The otter pup is projected.
Lisa: Then I turn it on and it projects my pet!
Panel 4: We see the pup from the front. Pictures of Mr. Pink and broccoli hang on the wall.
Otter pup: Help me Lisa, Bink and Chloe. You’re my only hope.
Bink: Dude. That’s messed up.