Panel 1: Lisa and the cats.
Lisa: So. How are we gonna play WoW since you messed up all the computers?
Bink: Don’t worry, more computers are coming in the mail.
Panel 2: Close on Mike. He’s holding up the board game Dominion.
Mike: Let’s play Dominion until they get here!
Panel 3: Lisa, Mike, and the cats are all sitting at a table, playing Dominion.
Mike: And the player with the most victory points wins, got it?
Chloe: I don’t get it.
Bink (yawning): This is boring.
Panel 4: Lisa holds up a toy, Mr. Pink, for the cats. The cats are mesmerized.
Lisa: How about a toy?
Panel 5: We see the back of Mike and Lisa as they look at the cats wrestling on the floor with Mr. Pink.
Mike: But…they talk and play a level 80 Death Knight.
Lisa: Sometimes it’s the simple things.